I-80 / Highway 65 Interchange

The Interstate 80 and Highway 65 interchange is the heart of South Placer’s transportation network.

These two freeways not only connect Placer’s communities, but also serve as key freight routes. $4.7 million dollars of goods pass through this interchange every hour.

But the interchange’s decades-old configuration can’t accommodate Placer’s current and future needs.

Today, the 80/65 interchange is congested in every direction nearly all day. This congestion already costs residents too much time, and it will only get worse as planned developments continue to grow Placer’s communities.

PCTPA has a plan to create an interchange that will work for Placer for decades to come.

After years of working with community members, local leaders, and state officials, PCTPA has developed a new design to improve the 80/65 interchange. The design would add much needed lanes and reconfigure the ramps to improve safety.

But without enough funding, only a small portion of the project is being constructed.

Changing political priorities have limited state funding for roadway expansion projects like the 80/65 Interchange Improvement Project. After scraping together every available dollar, PCTPA could only construct Phase 1 of this project, which adds a third lane to the bridge on northbound Highway 65. Without construction of the later phases, this improvement will do little to address congestion at the interchange.

Placer needs a local funding source to ensure the full 80/65 Interchange Improvement project is complete.

Without a local funding source, later phases of the project will remain on the shelf and Placer residents will still be stuck in traffic at the interchange.


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