Transportation Investment Plan

A Plan To Keep Placer Moving

Over two years, PCTPA worked with community member and local leaders to identify transportation priorities in South Placer County. With this input, PCTPA developed a draft plan to protect South Placer’s quality of life by making key transportation investments.

Major Highway Projects

Because most South Placer residents travel rely on our system of freeways and roads, the transportation plan allocates the largest share of funds expanding this system. Key projects like the Interstate 80 Highway 65 Interchange Improvement Project and the 65 Widening Project will relieve congestion and make our freeways safer.

Local Streets and Roads Projects

While there are state taxes to pay for potholes and road repair, there is not enough funding to build and expand roads. The plan makes adding new local roads and expanding existing roads a priority so that South Placer’s communities are relieved of gridlock and can safely accommodate planned growth. 

Alternative Transportation

The transportation Investment Plan also includes projects to improve Dial-A-Ride buses for seniors and the disabled, and investments in sidewalks and bike lanes to ensure children can get to school safely. These alternative forms of transportation protect the quality of life for all South Placer residents.